Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Menu

I'll post recipes and pictures after I have made new or noteworthy meals.

Not all of my dinners will be gourmet, who am I kidding, none of them will!! I will admit I use a lot of prepackaged foods but I'm a busy mom! I might not always get to every one of the meals if we have a hectic week and end up at Sonic or another fine eating establishment but this is my attempt at trying to try out some of the great new recipes I have been pulling from random places!

This week...

Goulash (didn't get to this one last week)

Calico Beans, cornbread, grasshopper pie

Ranchy Tilapia, rice, green beans, pears

Teriyaki Chicken, noodles, brocolli, peaches

Chili Cheesedog Casserole, carrots/celery, applesauce

and one night this week I'll be making a blueberry coffee cake that sounds yummy!

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