Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nacho Casserole

This is a wonderful tried and true recipe that I love.

Nacho Casserole

16 oz. Velveeta (cut into chunks)
1 can cream of chicken soup (I used 98% FF)
1 can cream of mushroom soup (98% FF)
1 can rotel diced tomatoes w/chiles
1 lb. ground beef
Tortilla chips

Fry ground beef...

Combine and heat to melted: velveeta, soups, rotel...

Use 13x9 pan. Crush chips to cover bottom of pan. Cover chips with cheese mixture and then ground beef. Continue layers two more times (crushed chips/cheese mixture/beef). Bake at 250 for about 30 min. to heat through.

All done...

We had a salad and mandarin oranges with this. I had made a frozen pizza for Brooke and Lexy because they don't usually eat this but Brooke did eat a little!

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  1. Putting the cookbook together tonight.
    This looks quite yummy :)